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Think of your siding as the wallpaper of your home’s exterior. You wouldn’t want the interior walls of your home to be cracked, discolored, or outdated, so why should your siding? Just imagine how impressive your home would look with siding in an entirely new color! Whether you’d like to choose a shade that makes a statement, or you’d prefer to stick to the basics, the pros at Huggs Roofing and Siding can help you choose the right siding for your home.

Image by Chris Barbalis

Roofing & Siding Projects


When you are having new siding installed is the perfect time to have any issues with your roof repaired as well. Your home's siding and roofing work together to defend it against the elements, and if either part of that duo is slacking you may not receive the full energy-efficient benefits that you are expecting.


Having major work performed on your house can seem like an inconvenience due to noise, debris, discomfort, and the presence of workers. Getting multiple projects taken care of at once, however, will at least be more convenient than tidying up your home to make it like new only to then tear it apart again. 

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